The dawn of a new dao: ice hockey

04 April 2024 | Inspiration
Susan Adams
Member: Surrey
In our very first The Dawn of a New Dao we hear from Susan Adams, who decided it was time to get her skates on again after all these acupuncture years. Watch and read on below for the full story.

I’m from Minnesota, which is called the State of Hockey. The main coffee shop chain, Caribou Coffee, has a hockey theme on cups, etc in the winter – it’s part of my culture.

I grew up in the snow and on the ice and since I left permanently in 1997 I’ve missed it immensely. I played hockey with wooden sticks with my brothers and sisters at the rink at the end of the road, but never played on a team until I started five years ago with the Knights in Slough.

In Minnesota, in my early 20s, I had been approached by some women at a rink who saw me skate, asking if I’d like to join their team. Then I travelled the world for many years and forgot I could skate.

Susan Adams

It all began when I told my 11-year-old son he had to do one team sport – and since he could already skate and rollerblade I enrolled him in ice hockey.

At one training session another mother told me she played on a women’s team in Bracknell. When I heard that I thought, I know I skate better than her so if she can do it so can I.

Of course, I had only ever skated outdoors – and when I realised I could skate indoors, the light flicked on!

I then went around trying out different teams until I found the Windsor Knights. I joined with another mum at the rink whose husband was goalie for the Knights.

Since then, I’ve played on a British league women’s ice hockey team and in January an over-40s team in Italy. I’m far from being retired from ice hockey even though I’m usually the oldest on the ice and in roller hockey.

I talk about doing what sparks joy with people every day in the clinic – and I encourage getting stronger, which is just what’s happened to me.

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