BAcC Fellows

Every year we put a call out for BAcC Members to be nominated for the award of Fellowship of the British Acupuncture Council (FBAcC).

Fellowship of the BAcC (FBAcC) is given to individuals who have given exceptional services to acupuncture and/ or to the Council.

Fellows are practitioners who have been a Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC) for at least ten years, have done valuable work to raise the profile of acupuncture as a profession, and or have made a huge impact on the working lives of their peers in acupuncture and beyond.

On this page you will find a list of BAcC Members who have been awarded the title of Fellow.


Fellows of the British Acupuncture Council

Colette Assor • Mary Austin • Rebecca Avern • Ken Bachelor • Ron Bishop • Sally Blades • Richard Blackwell • Janice Booth • Mark Bovey • Charlie Buck • Sarah Budd • Ruth Champion • Sheira Chan • Cecil Chen • Jing Hua Chen • Ming Zhao Cheng • Lily Cheung • Deb Connor • Isobel Cosgrove • Peter Deadman • Henryk Dyczek • Diana Eckersley • Peter Firebrace • Victor Foster • P A  Gaulin • Alison Gould • Rosey Grandage • Geraldine Harris • Ri Fang  Hao • Angie Hicks • John Hicks • Ann Hopper • Antony  Jayasuriya • Dan Jiang • Bala Kannivel • Harriet Lansdown • Hugh MacPherson • Naji Malak • David Mayor • M S Mekky • Felicity  Moir • Peter Mole • Roger Newman Turner • Rachel Peckham • K T van de Plaats • Antony  Raissi • Julie Reynolds • Nicola Robinson • Phil Rose-Neil • Volker Scheid • Julian Scott • Kenneth Shifrin • Yong Chai Siow • Nicholas Sofroniou • Susan Thorne • Jasmine Uddin • Beverley de Valois • Jen Wade • John Van de Wal • John Wheeler • Susan Woodhead