About the Governing Board

The Governing Board (GB) of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) is made up of five practitioner directors (including the chair) and four non-practitioner directors.

The role of the GB is to ensure that the BAcC meets its responsibilities to:

  • promote the benefits of traditional acupuncture as a valid system of healthcare
  • safeguard the public
  • promote BAcC members’ interests
    uphold benchmark standards of education and practice

The wider function of the GB is to:

  • ensure that the BAcC continues to flourish and aspire to ‘a world in which traditional acupuncture is accepted as a valid healthcare choice’
  • set strategy and policy, in consultation with and advised by members, committees, the chief executive, and others, as appropriate
  • oversee implementation of strategy and effective/efficient management of the BAcC through the chief executive and committees
  • ensure compliance with the company’s objects, its governing documents and all relevant legislation and regulation
  • ensure prudence in respect of managing the company’s assets
BAcC Annual Review 2021

Read the highlights and reports of 2021 from the Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer and Chair of the British Acupuncture Council

Evidence A-Z

Research based factsheets have been prepared for over 60 conditions especially for this website

Practitioner Directors

Susan Evans
Practitioner Director
Alan Longcroft
Practitioner Director
Lianne Aquilina
Practitioner Director
Sarah Major
Practitioner Director

Non-Practitioner Directors

Joseph Ogbonna FRSA
Non-Practitioner Director
Joanna Brown
Non-Practitioner Director
Samantha Peters
Non-Practitioner Director & Vice Chair
Julie Stone
Non-Practitioner Director

Non-Voting Attendees at GB Meetings