Complain about a BAcC Member

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) takes all complaints seriously and aims to deal with them fairly, proportionately and expeditiously.

BAcC acupuncturists are trained to a high standard and are required to comply with the BAcC’s Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Safe Practice.

However, if you are unhappy about the service you received from your practitioner, we recommend taking the steps outlined below.

Step 1

Consider expressing your concerns to your practitioner or if they work in a larger practice, to the practice manager either by phone, by letter, by email or in person.

Step 2

If you remain unhappy or prefer to contact us directly you can make a complaint to the British Acupuncture Council by letter or mail marked Private and Confidential. We will need:

  • your name and contact details
  • the name and address of the member you are complaining about
  • details of what happened, when and where

If you find it difficult to make your complaint in writing please let us know and we will help you.

Our contact details:

Ethics Department
(Private & Confidential)
British Acupuncture Council
63 Jeddo Road
London W12 9HQ

phone: 020 8735 1213

The Ethics Department will check to see if the BAcC can deal with your complaint or concern. The BAcC can only deal with matters which relate to:

  • treatment, care or advice given by a BAcC Member
  • any aspect of the professional or personal behaviour of a BAcC Member
  • the physical or mental health of a BAcC Member

If the BAcC can deal with your complaint the Ethics Department will send you some forms to complete, together with information about complaints.

Please note, the BAcC cannot grant compensation, however all our members are covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance, details of which can be obtained from the BAcC or from your practitioner.

Step 3

Once you have returned the complaint form, it will be sent to the practitioner for their response.

Once the response is received, a date is fixed for the Investigating Panel to meet.  For further details on the Investigating Panel and what it can do, please see the Information for Complainants below.

What happens next

If the Investigating Panel decide that there is a reasonable prospect of a finding of impairment in relation to any of the allegations, a date will be set for a hearing before the Professional Conduct and Competence Panel.  You are likely to be asked to be a witness for the BAcC at that hearing.

For further details on the Professional Conduct and Competence Panel, please see the Information for Complainants and the Information for Witnesses below.

Useful information and downloads

Standards and codes

Our Code of Professional Conduct governs ethical and professional behaviour, while the Code of Safe Practice sets benchmark standards for best practice in acupuncture.