Ways we can support our members

World Mental Health Day (10 Oct) is a day to talk about mental health and show everyone that mental health matters. It’s also a day to let people know that it’s okay to ask for help, no matter what you’re going through. Here are some ways in which we can support our members, who may need a helping hand.

Supporting yourself 

It’s important to support yourselves when faced with difficult situations and talking to one of our fully trained Mentor-Supervisors is a fantastic investment in yourself. Sessions are a safe space to talk confidently through your worries and any problems you’re facing, be it in a one-to-one or group session. Mentor-Supervisors can provide a new perspective and offer advice to help you overcome or work through challenges and grow in confidence in your decision-making.

With in-person, online and phone sessions available, it’s never been easier to access support. Find out more about our trained practitioners by visiting the BAcC Mentoring-Supervision register.

Regional groups
Regional groups and their coordinators offer a fantastic local network. If you’re looking for more support in your area, reach out to your local coordinator for a chat or put forward a discussion topic for a new event.

Peer support
We have several different social channels that provide a foundation for members to connect and support each other. Follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.


Confidential Practitioner Support Service

This service is specifically for practitioners against whom a complaint is made, although it can also be used if you are finding any area of your practice particularly difficult to deal with emotionally.

Please contact Hannah Bowie-Carlin, Safe Practice Officer, on 074757 62032 or Jennifer Norton, Chief Executive Officer, on 020 8735 1206 if you would like to be referred to a Practitioner Support Advisor.

Practitioner Support is offered by fellow BAcC practitioners (non-panel/committee members) and involves telephone sessions where the practitioner can talk to the colleague about any aspects of being the subject of a complaint. The cost of the Practitioner Supporter is paid by the BAcC.

The Practitioner Supporter does not make any notes on such conversations and maintains confidentiality at all times. They do not act as an advocate for the practitioner against whom the complaint has been made.


Supporting your patients – where to find help

There is a wide range of support available online and via charities in your local areas. However, we have pulled together some useful links, should you require help or further advice.

Samaritans If you’re worried about a patient, find out ways to help here

Mind offer a range of ways they can support your patient, as well as a list of other organisations to contact, including the NHS

PAPYRUS work to prevent young suicide and offer support, advice and resources for anyone you are worried about, who is under the age of 35.


Recognising and responding to suicidal crisis in the clinic and beyond

Recognising and responding to suicidal crisis in the clinic and beyond suicide is a global health concern that indiscriminately impacts people from all walks of life. Despite the growing concern, it is still a subject that many find difficult to talk about and subsequently it is shrouded in stigma and poor understanding.

We have a suicide prevention webinar by Tony Sigrist, a former police officer and mental health campaigner.
This webinar is a frank and honest discussion about suicide including topics such as how to spot the warning signs and how to respond if you know or suspect someone is suicidal. It also covers clinical considerations such as breaking patient confidentiality and referral pathways.

Suicide is preventable and we can all play our part by being better informed.

Click to watch: How to deal with suicidal patients – BAcC (acupuncture.org.uk)

As always you can reach out to BAcC staff team to discuss any difficulties you may have, and together we can find ways to support you and your practice.

The BAcC team
October 2023