ARRC Symposium – student research posters

Love it or hate it research has a critical part to play in the development of our profession. The number of conditions that acupuncture is potentially beneficial for is extremely wide.

Historically, acupuncturists had a little input into the research carried out into acupuncture. This has begun to change through the efforts of BAcC members. Some of our more experienced researchers, such as Beverly de Valois, will be speaking at the ARRC Symposium. But there is much more work to be done. We need to be able to engage in the debates regarding the research has been carried out thus far, but we also must be involved in research so that it accurately reflects what acupuncture has to offer. Therefore, I’m delighted that at this year’s symposium, we can show case research by students at BAAB Accredited colleges. These posters will be on display throughout the conference weekend, with the students themselves in attendance to present their posters at the ARRC Symposium. As you can see from the list of titles below there is a truly wide range of topics.

Does Acupuncture help reduce the side effects of Adjuvant Hormone Therapy (AHT), specifically Tamoxifen following Breast Cancer?
Kerrie Gower, International College of Oriental Medicine

Is acupuncture an effective treatment for fatigue in adults with non-terminal diagnoses?
Nicola Van Dyk, International College of Oriental Medicine

What are fertility physicians’ professional opinion about traditional Chinese medicine as adjuvant therapy? – A qualitative study using framework analysis
Anita Leinhard, Northern College of Acupuncture

Participants’ perceived effects of auricular acupuncture on people affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire: a cross-sectional survey
Nicola Wardhaugh, Northern College of Acupuncture

What dosage of acupuncture do UK-based acupuncturists use to treat endometriosis related symptoms? A mixed methods practitioner survey
Laurie Heaps, Northern College of Acupuncture

Clearing the fog: acupuncture for menopause and cognitive symptoms
Kathryn White, College of Integrated Chinese Medicine

The use of Acupuncture in patients with chronic schizophrenia
Angela van Veen, College of Integrated Chinese Medicine

How did scalp Acupuncture evolve since the Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu: and how did its purpose of application develop?
Jasmin Reif, The City College of Acupuncture

If you’re attending the ARRC Symposium, please make sure to spend some time talking to the students and finding out more about their work!

Still yet to book your ticket to attend the conference? You can have until Friday 2 September to book your place.

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