Walks in winter

 2024 | Treats
Gabriele Stutz
Member: Buckinghamshire
Winter walks – a rare treat and always short-lived in this country, and in this age of global warming, where humans feel that speed is of the essence.

Yet we all connect to the energy abounding on a walk through snow-covered nature, immensely restful and immensely invigorating all at the same time.

Walking through the stillness, the white cloak uniting everything beneath it, and crisp cold air infusing the lungs, we find any lingering tension replaced by an expansive, energising calm.

No need to do, just be here now. The best felt experience of the qualities of the season of winter, which we all need in our lives, more than ever in our overstimulated fast-paced culture.

Evidence is emerging that sleep quality will likely be affected by global warming. Sleeping in cooler temperatures gives us deeper, longer, restorative sleep… drifting off snug under the duvet!


It was five element acupuncture which caused Gabriele to leave her native Germany behind in 1986 in order to study at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa.

‘It was a very practical and experiential course at the time – we were asked to keep a seasons diary every year, and this is one of the many gifts the course has given me. It reawakened and deepened my love and connection to nature, and incidentally led me to take up photography.’