Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind by Peter Deadman

04 April 2024 | Review
Heather Reade
Member: Lancashire & Merseyside
Peter Deadman’s latest offering – Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind – not only boasts a tastefully designed cover reminiscent of the yin yang symbol, but also delivers a profound exploration of qigong on a personal level.

As a qigong teacher with two decades of experience – and a practising acupuncturist – I found this book to be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in acquiring a greater understanding of the historical, cultural, and medicinal aspects of qigong practice.

Deadman skilfully weaves together references to qigong and acupuncture, creating a unified approach that beautifully showcases the synergy between these two modalities. Whether you’re a novice looking to explore qigong safely, or an experienced practitioner seeking refined insight, this book caters to all levels of interest and expertise.

Qigong Cultivating Body Breath And Mind By Peter Deadman

While the book is not dominated by excessive illustrations, the ones included are artfully incorporated and instructive, complementing the text perfectly. Additionally, Deadman provides well-referenced third-party sources, both in text format and through video links, offering valuable visual aids to enhance understanding.

Deadman manages to cover numerous aspects of qigong practice including fundamental theories of yin-yang, posture, breathing, emotions, as well as information about ancient teachers and styles of qigong. There are personal reflections, research information, and even a fairytale which adds to the rich tapestry of information provided.

Yet despite its comprehensive subject matter, the book reads easily, demonstrating Deadman’s deep understanding and appreciation of qigong’s beauty, art, and healing qualities. Each chapter is self-contained, making it a valuable reference book while also serving as a comprehensive guide from start to finish.

The well-thought-out presentation, structured organisation, and informative yet succinct writing style make Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind an enjoyable and enriching read for anyone interested in the profound art of qigong.

Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind is published by Eastland Press