Poem: Equinox

04 April 2023 | Treats
Peter Deadman
BAcC Fellow: East Sussex
I wrote this poem on the day of the spring equinox last year, when the war in Ukraine was already raging, and the news was full of global heating and environmental breakdown.


All things being equal,
We might get through this –
The sun getting hotter
Dark thunder rolling in the East
Yesterday I walked with a friend and told him
the end days have begun.
They’re coming in a slow wave that cannot be stopped
It’s not that I’m a pessimist, I said,
Nor an optimist.
Just a realist.
He replied… Look at the violets in the grass
See the birds wheeling in the sky
Soon there’ll be the ripe fruits of summer.
Humans are also good
And nature has great powers
Of restoration.
This very night
light and darkness
Are held in perfect harmony
All things being equal
We might just get through this

Peter has worked in the field of health education and practice for over five decades. Nowadays he considers himself a writer and a teacher, and practitioner of qigong.