Year of the Dragon pop quiz!

Saturday 10 February is Chinese New Year. This year we celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon.

To celebrate, the BAcC staff have created a little pop quiz for our members. We’ll test your knowledge on all things Chinese medicine, Chinese philosophy and have even throw in some Acu. trivia too.

Best of luck. Scroll down the bottom of the page to check your answers – no cheating! Grab a pen and let’s begin…


1. What Chinese character – the subject of Sandra Hill’s latest Chinese Lesson – is also the theme of this year’s UK Conference of Chinese Medicine?
a. Chinese name
b. English name

2. What is missing from this five-point NADA protocol – Liver, lung, shen men, kidney,…?


3. True or false – reading Acu. counts as CPD?


4. In Peter Firebrace’s most recent ‘Just my point’ article, he tells us all about Kid 7.
What is an alternative name for KID 7 Returning Current (复溜 fùlìu)?

5. Name that tea
a. A famous green tea. Its name includes dragon.
Clue: Lu 11, P 9, He 9, Sp1, Liv 1, KD 1

b. Which city does this tea come from?

6. The image below is of two dragons playing with something (‘shuāng lóng xì’): what are they playing with ?
Clue: classic description of a slippery pulse.

7. At what event are you likely to be at if you see this image?


8. What are the four Classic books of Chinese literature?

Clues below:



That’s the end of the quiz! How did you do? Check your answers below.



a. Yi (1 point)
b. Intention (1 point)

Sympathetic (1 point)

True (1 point)

Glorious Yang (昌阳 Chāngyáng) (1 point)

a. Lóngjîng 龙井茶 /Dragon’s well (1 point)
b. Hangzhou (1 point)

a. A pearl (1 point)

A wedding (1 point)

1. Journey to the West (1 point)
2. Dream of the Red Mansion (1 point)
3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1 point)
4. Water Margin (1 point)


Lóngnián kuàile – 龙年快乐 – Happy Year of the Dragon!
February 2024