Support refugees in London and the Southeast

World Medicine – Acupuncture in Action – has been going since 2005, Originally founded by one of my teachers, Danny Maxwell, who wanted to respond practically to the devastation of the Asian Tsunami at the time.

Pia Huber

During the past couple of years, projects taking place abroad had to be cancelled and the trustees of the charity thus turned their attention to what they could do to help locally. In September 2021 a new project was launched which offers acupuncture to refugees who are supported by the Jesuit refugee service centre in East London.

The centre supports the people who are coming through their doors in various ways and is keen to make them welcome as friends. Through my mentoring group I found out about this project and offered to volunteer. Every eight weeks or so two acupuncturists are asked to give three hours of their time on three alternate Wednesdays to provide acupuncture to the friends of the centre. In the main we offer the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol but may also offer some body points as we see fit.

We see around 10-14 people in one afternoon and encourage them to come back for at least five sessions. It has been gratifying for me to see that people are overcoming their initial scepticism and fear, and more often than not come back to receive more.

World Medicine is always on the look out for additional volunteers. It is a great way to contribute in a small way to a very worthy project and it also provides a lovely opportunity for us acupuncturists to make new contacts with colleagues and to share our skills.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project contact Najma Dawoodbhai on 07947 038703.

Pia Huber

BAcC Member