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Pathogenic Wind expressions on skin and how to address them

Our BAcC Conference 2021 headline sponsors Su Wen Herbs have curated this webinar for BAcC members.

Petra Tjeertes

Speaker: Drs. Petra Tjeertes, LAc. and phytotherapist, specialises in skin problems, pain relief treatments, psychological problems and cosmetic acupuncture. Currently studying at Nanjing University for her PhD degree specialising in dermatology in TCM.

Through her passion and motivation to understand the action potentials of Chinese herbal formulas she gained fast knowledge in the TCM field. Her enthusiasm for phytotherapy means she is invited on a regular basis to lecture and assist in congresses. She is also the secretary of the Dong Xi Oost West foundation and has helped to create a virtual platform where knowledge is exchanged and shared with doctors and practitioners in the TCM field.

Pathogenic Wind expressions on skin and how to address them

Wind-imbalance due to external invasion, or internally generated, is called pathogenic wind. What are the patterns of Wind pathogen on the skin? Wind has an upward, sudden and fast movement which can cause problems on different sites of the body. In this educational webinar we shall have a look at some case studies, their pattern differentiations and Su Wen Herb food supplements.
Su Wen Herbs’ food supplements are fully compliant with UK food regulations.

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Sun 27 February - Sun 27 February 2022
10.00am - 11.00am
Private: test

Pathogenic Wind expressions on skin and how to address them

Sun 27 February - Sun 27 February 2022 
10.00am - 11.00am