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Collection of special category data

The British Acupuncture Council aims to have an inclusive environment for all our members, staff and others by identifying and removing barriers for those who use our services.

Providing equality data will help us achieve this and help the BAcC meet our obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

You will be asked about your age; disability status; ethnicity; gender identity; pregnancy and maternity; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation; marriage or civil partnership; and caring responsibilities (some of these data are ‘special category data’ in GDPR; personal data that needs more protection because they are sensitive).

While it is voluntary to disclose this information and relies on your consent to do so, this information will enable us to better understand the composition of our workforce and membership body and examine our practices fully to better support you all.

Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence, and all data disclosed will comply with the Data Protection Act 2018.

You will be in control of the Special category data. You can choose to submit data via your member dashboard. You can amend or delete any information you have shared within this category.

The information you present will be held for as long as you are a member of the BAcC or until you withdraw your consent or delete the data via your member dashboard.

If you have problems changing or removing any details, please contact info@acupuncture.org.uk. Your request will be sent to the appropriate member of staff who will ensure your enquiry has been dealt with in a timely and confidential manner.

Access to special category data will be limited to appropriate role-based control. Security measures have been put in place to ensure compliance with all data protection requirements.

July 2023

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment a truly inclusive workplace and community through valuing, celebrating, and embracing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

Reasonable adjustment policy

This policy illustrates the changes we plan to make to the way we usually do things to ensure that we are fair to all our members, our staff and people who access our services.