Case studies

Case studies are a useful way to learn about the process of having acupuncture and experiences of people who have tried acupuncture for a variety of reasons. Here we present real-world examples of how acupuncture has helped our patients, who presented with conditions ranging from anxiety to alleviating cancer treatment-related symptoms.

Please note, from a scientific perspective, case studies are considered a weak form of evidence. The stronger forms of evidence are randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews. Therefore, please also see the BAcC fact sheets to get a more complete understanding of how acupuncture may be beneficial for different conditions. If you would like to know more how acupuncture may be able to help you, then please contact one of your local BAcC acupuncturists: Find an acupuncturist.

Select a case study below to read about a patient experience:

Chief complaintKeywordsFact sheet on chief complaint
Anxiety (1)
Anxiety (2)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), needle phobia, disordered eating
Bell’s PalsyFacial paralysis, eye disorders, muscle impairment, temporary weakness
Cancer treatment-related symptomsBreast cancer, neutropenia
Fibromyalgia (1)
Fibromyalgia (2)
Chronic pain
FertilityEmotional wellbeing during TTC, geriatric pregnancy
Injury traumaBattlefield Acupuncture (BFA)
Lower back pain & arm injuryLower back pain, arm trauma from injury
MobilityGeneral pain, wellbeing
Rheumatoid arthritisMuscle pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), insomnia, mouth ulcers, anxiety, lethargy
ShinglesIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux, neuralgia
Tension headachesBattlefield Acupuncture (BFA)

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