Sarah Major

Sarah graduated in 1995 and has been a member of the BAcC since then. She brings a broad range of skills to the Board as a result of her experience of learning, practising, teaching and management, and the delivery of post-graduate CPD courses over the course of her career.

Sarah is a qualified teacher (PGCert) and was a core member of the teaching and management team at ICOM from 2008 – 2021.

She is experienced in planning, scheduling and coordinating acupuncture courses, establishing and implementing standards, developing course structures, moderating, examining and teaching across multiple disciplines on both practical and theoretical modules.

Her business proficiency is at the level of the management of large clinics and across all business disciplines, including budgeting, marketing, business development and web content.

She is a member of the Board of Governors at ICOM and is an active participant in the BAcC. Sarah has international work experience in Myanmar (Burma) where she is involved in an ongoing educational programme to train traditional doctors and support the development of an acupuncture training college in Mandalay..

Sarah currently practises at two clinics near her home in East Sussex.