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Hello my wife was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis 3 years ago now she has over come it from last year but a few months ago she was put under a lot of stress and worry with work and a sick grandparent she gets weeks week when she feels very very h

We are really sorry to hear of your wife's problems. It must be extremely hard for all of you.

First, let us say that acupuncture and herbal medicine are two distinct and separate disciplines, although in China they are usually learned together. For historical reasons in the UK there were already existing traditions of acupuncture and western herbal medicine, and the two eastern modalities developed separately. So, if you go to an acupuncturist the chances are that they will not be using Chinese herbs as well. If they are you can be assured that they are very well trained, and are particularly careful when someone is already taking medications which have a serious impact on their functioning. Herbalists will know what the potential interactions of the medications are, and will make sure that nothing they do will interfere with your wife's treatment.

Acupuncture itself is extremely unlikely to cause any problems for your wife. The main source of adverse effects from treatment, other than minor transient ones, is from insertion of the needles themselves, not from the energetics of what is going on. There are no case reports of which we are aware which suggest that acupuncture treatment can do anything other than good when treating people with serious mental health issues.

 As far as the treatment itself is concerned, we were asked a question about schizophrenia a while ago, and although this is a very different problem the response we gave captures some of what we would like to say. We responded:

We have to say that although the World Health Organisation's list of treatable conditions does include schizophrenia as a condition for which some evidence of efficacy exists, the overall position is that there is nowhere enough evidence to suggest that acupuncture would be able to deliver a solution to this problem.

However, when we talk about evidence in this context, we are talking about the kind of randomised control trials beloved of drug testing regimes, which are not the most suitable way of testing a complex multivariate process like traditional acupuncture. Is there a history of acupuncture and herbal medicine for serious mental disorder? Well, the answer would be a qualified yes. There are a number of presentations for groups of symptoms which could well be characterised as psychosis which are recognised syndromes in Chinese medicine with clear treatment protocols. This is even more the case with Tibetan medicine which uniquely in Far Eastern medicine has a very complex and enduring tradition of using herbal medicines to treat a number of what we regard as sectionable mental disorders. However, this tradition has barely travelled to the West, and few practitioners have the necessary skills to offer solutions.

The major issue would be to locate someone with the requisite skills and experience. Although we have few recognised specialisms in traditional acupuncture we have been developing areas like paediatrics, obstetrics and mental health issues where we believe the special nature of the client group may require additional skills which we would recognise as expert practice. Although in theory, as generalists we should all be able to help any patient we take the view that serious mental disease needs some familiarity with the field and some experience of how to work with people in extremely distressed states. Not everyone has this experience or skill, and it would not help your wife is someone is out of their depth. With that caveat it may be possible to locate someone through our searchable database who is skilled in this area and willing to have a try. The chances are that anyone working in an area will know which of their colleagues is most likely to be able to help,

We think that there is still some wisdom in these words, and our advice is pretty much always to visit a local BAcC member for a brief informal assessment of what might be possible. These situations are so very complex that it is nigh on impossible to give a definitive view at arm's length. We always feel confident that we can help everyone to a degree, but when a situation is quite fraught it is always best to make sure that a patient gets the help they need, even if that means referring them to other forms of treatment.



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