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Can you advise if it is necessary to have a specialist for depression to treat with acupuncture?

Can you advise if it is necessary to have a specialist for depression to treat with accupuncture. 

There is no need to seek out a specialist to treat depression with acupuncture. We are all generalists who treat people rather than conditions, and the huge strength of Chinese medicine is that it looks at the unique and individual presentation of every patient. It would not be unusual for twenty people with the same named condition to be treated in twenty entirely different ways. The practitioner will work to find out exactly what 'depression' means for someone - it's a name that covers a huge range of possible disturbances of the system - and then look at why these problems have arisen in these individuals.


There has been a fair bit of research into the use of acupuncture to treat depression, as our factsheet shows


but by far the most interesting result was a study recently conducted by one of our leading researcher/practitioners


which showed some very positive outcomes. Hugh has also written several follow-up articles looking at the data he and his colleagues collected, but these are a little on the scholarly side.


Most of us have treated people with depression as a primary referral because friends, family and colleagues who have come for a problem like backache or headache have found that acupuncture has helped depression too, and have referred on friends for whom depression is the main issue. The only time any of us might be cautious in taking on a case would be if someone's depression was linked to a serious psychiatric illness. Here we do recognise that there are special skills which might be needed, but there are very few patients in this category who present for treatment.


Sadly we can't recommend individual practitioners - we have no criteria to go for one over another - but also it follows from what we have said is that we think all of our members are suitably qualified to address the problem you have. If you use the postcode search facility on our home page you will find a number of people who are geographically closest, and most are willing to give up a little time, often without charge, to discuss whether acupuncture treatment is the best option for you. This also has the advantage that you can meet them and see where they work before committing to treatment. 

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