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Chinese herbs not suitable for manic depression

Q:  I am currently having acupuncture by a Chinese trained TCM practitioner for a respiratory infection. She has suggested taking Chinese herbs as a tea to boost my immune system in addition to acupuncture.

I have bipolar affective disorder (manic depression) and know that some immune supporting Chinese herbs are not suitable as they could trigger a manic episode. My previous acupuncturist would leave some herbs out of her immune mix - but I don't know which ones!

The Chinese acupuncturist I am currently seeing speaks fairly good English, but I am not sure she has understood why I am cautious about taking herbs as I'm not convinced she understands what bipolar is or the potential risks associated (psychotic episode requiring hospital admission).

Please could anyone provide a list of Chinese herbs that are not suitable for someone with bipolar (in Chinese and English if at all possible please). I would like to show the acupuncturist a list of contraindicated herbs in bipolar before agreeing to take Chinese herbs as tea.

A:  It is a rather anomalous fact that Chinese medicine, which is largely acupuncture and herbal medicine, is represented by two parallel sets of organisations in the UK. This has a great deal to do with the fact that there was a strong tradition of medical acupuncture and western herbs already in existence, and the separate elements of TCM grouped around them.

As a consequence, although we have a number of members who practise Chinese Herbal medicine their herbal medicine regulation is undertaken by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, to which most of them belong. The expertise necessary to respond to your question lies there, and I am sure that if you contact them at they will be more than happy to oblige with the information which you need.

The RCHM is a smaller organisation than the BAcC, and not quite so well resourced, so it may take a few days before you get a response.


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