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My father is a Type 1 diabetic patient since 15 years. He used to take insulin 3 times a day until recently when we started to go to an acupuncture therapist. He has reduced it to 1 time . He takes 80ml/u .

We usually filter all our responses via our London Office, but in this case, with the office closed until Monday, it is essential that you get a response immediately. If you're father is a Type 1 diabetic stopping his insulin is putting his life at risk, and he must start taking it again immediately. 

If he feels that the acupuncture treatment he has been receiving has changed his balance in such a way that he can address his diabetes with a lower dose of insulin then that is something he can discuss with his doctor. If the doctor agrees then he can start to reduce his dose. Otherwise he is putting himself in danger.

Our members  are trained never to recommend that someone stops taking an essential medication unless it is with the agreement, and under the direct supervision, of their doctor. We would most probably take action against a member who put a patient at risk for suggesting that they stop taking an essential medication.

We are sorry if this seems a little alarmist but we have seen cases where not taking insulin on time has had serious consequences, and we cannot stand by and do nothing if your father has been advised to do something which has put himself at risk.

In our experience it would be most unlikely for acupuncture treatment to reverse the causes of Type 1 diabetes. For this reason we need to reiterate that your father seeks medical advice as soon as possible.



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