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Can acupuncture help after dental implants and bone graft?

Q:  This may seem like a daft question but anyway  I had 7 teeth removed from my lower jaw and had a bone graft and dental implants on a bridge of 10 teeth. The thing is that I'm having great difficulty getting used to them and my tongue doesn't know where to go. Could acupuncture help in any way?

A: This is one of the more interesting questions we have been asked, if not intriguing!
We could, I suppose, make a case that acupuncture treatment is always seen as restoring natural balances, and that as such it might help the tongue to find its 'proper place', but ancient Chinese medicine was not familiar with bone grafts and dental implants, so this might be a bit of a stretch. There are certainly points on the body which were traditionally said to promote the healing of bone, and there is also good evidence for the use of acupuncture treatment to reduce inflammation. However, nothing we can find in the research literature suggests that it might be the answer to your problem.
The one thing which does occur to us, however, comes from our use of tongue diagnosis. The system depends on an understanding of changes in the colour, shape, size and coating of the tongue which reflect the changes in the internal Organs. There are a number of relatively common syndromes where the tongue can become quite swollen, many of which reflect a weakening of the Yang energy of the body which people might experience as tiredness or lethargy. It is just possible that your tongue is not so much confused by the additional hardware in your mouth but reflects the fact that you are a bit run down from the surgery. The feeling of a swollen tongue is one that people often experience whenthey are exhausted and can't quite seem to enunciate properly.
There would be no harm in asking a BAcC member local to you if they can see anything in your overall energy patterns which might be contributing to this feeling, but we suspect that it will settle down of its own accord eventually, irritating and uncomfortable as it must seem now.  

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