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Can acupuncture help with nose polyps?

A:  We had a very strong temptation to say 'no', but a quick piece of internet research revealed a number of case studies such as this one
which may give some hope.
Our reasons for thinking that 'no' would be the best answer are rooted in our clinical experience that many people come to us having had polyps removed several times, and after each removal there is a short period of grace after which the polyps reform. To us this seems rather like harvesting an unwanted crop which will simply keep on growing.
From a Chinese medicine perspective polyps are seen either as a result of local blockages in the flow of energy, or 'qi' as it is called, or as one of a number of symptoms pointing to a systemic problem with specific Organs (capitalised to distinguish the concept of Organ in Chinese medicine from the slightly more limited understanding of organs in western medicine). In either case there is a possibility that treating the local blockage or tonifying the whole system may clear the accumulated fluids and make then less likely to recur. However, our clinical experience has not been that great, and we have often wondered how much the peristent attempts to deal with things by surgery has piled complication upon complication in trying to deal with the problem.
You could certainly not do any harm by visiting a BAcC member local to you and getting a more accurate face to face assessment of what might be possible than we can give here, but if you did decide to have treatment as a consequence, we would recommend clearly defined outcomes and frequent review periods to ensure that you do not get locked into a long sequence of treatment with little or no change being visible.  

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