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Can acupuncture help A weak tongue, clicking jaw and slurred speech?

Q:  I have a weak tongue, clicking jaw and slurred speech.  I have had numerous tests and scans but no cause has been found.

A:  Based on the very brief details you have given us it is not very easy to offer a very informed view. The fact that you have had a number of tests and scans which have shown nothing is very encouraging - this rules out serious underlying pathologies. However, a great depends on how the problem originated, and a description of this might give more clues about how treatable it is with acupuncture.
The weak tongue and the slurring of speech superficially point to some kind of neurological involvement, but the factor that interests us as professionals is the clicking jaw. The tempero-mandibular joint by the ear is a notoriously unstable joint, and is quite often dislocated or dislodged by crunching the teeth on something very hard or by things like long dentistry sessions. Although many BAcC members use local acupuncture points to help restore the flow in the area, many would refer someone on to a cranial osteopath, for whom this kind of manipulation and correction is a part of their normal scope of practice.
This does not man that it is not worth visiting a BAcC member local to you for advice. There may be aspects of your overall balance which, from a Chinese medicine perspective, make sense of your symptoms, and they may be able to offer you an informed view, based on a brief face to face assessment, that acupuncture treatment may be of benefit. If they think that some form of manipulation may be the answer there is every chance that they can give you a referral to a known and trusted professional. 


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