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How many months it takes to reduce acupuncture treatment for sciatica pain

 A: This is a very difficult question to answer. Although twenty people might present with exactly the same symptoms in traditional acupuncture the emphasis is on the unique nature of the balance of someone's energies, and that might mean twenty different treatments. If someone is in great shape and there is a mechanical reason why the sciatica has developed, such as an injury, then it would be a great deal easier to shift than a sciatica which was set against a backdrop of general poor health.

 The old received wisdom used to be that a condition took as many months to treat as the years that it had been a problem, but we have never found this to be the vase with sciatica. The crucial issue is that the practitioner draws a line in the sand if nothing is changing and stops treating. If after, say, five or six treatments there has been no improvement, even for a short time, then it might be worth looking at other options like osteopathy or chiropractic or other form of manipulation. While traditional acupuncture can and does sort our structural problems there are times when it is easier to go to a manipulative therapy first and then use acupuncture to consolidate the gains.

The best way to proceed is always to seek the advice of a practitioner based on a face to face consultation. This can give you a much clearer idea than we can at a distance.


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