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Having acupuncture for neuropathic pain in neck and back - will a two week gap between treatments mean starting at zero?

Q:  I've had 2 acupuncture treatments so far in the same week. Unfortunately, the physician is then off on vacation and can't see more until  2 weeks later. Will the fact that the treatment gets interrupted for 2 weeks after only 2 treatments means I'm starting at 0? Am I better to wait till she returns? FYI: I'm going to seek treatment for neuropathic pain in the neck and back.

A:  There are no hard and fast rules about the frequency of treatment. Most of us tend to see people weekly for the majority of problems, occasionally making that more frequent if someone has an acute problem. Once a start has been made many of us then start to space treatment out. Many use the analogy of watering a plant - enough to get it started and then what it needs as appropriate. A more common problem than spacing out too soon is carrying on too long with weekly treatment, and we get the occasional question about the necessity for continued frequent treatment.

It would be unusual to lose anything that you have gained over a fortnight's break. While it is good to establish a bit of momentum, if the treatment is working in the right direction the treatment will generally hold. The system works towards balance naturally and all we do is to make this possible. For things like neuropathic pain you are often trying to break a long-standing pattern, and once the system responds it has some sense that the fixity of the existing pattern is not as great as it might have assumed. Two sessions in close proximity might well be a good start whose benefits will continue for a couple of weeks.

Generally speaking we all tend to make professional judgements about when and whether to start treatments around our annual breaks and in the majority of cases you will find that a practitioner is usually pretty clear which cases he or she can start safely and those which need to have a consistent pattern of weekly treatment. Your practitioner has probably made this assessment and reckons that it is worthwhile kicking off.

We hope the treatment does ease your pains.

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