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Benefits of membership

Hello Students,

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of membership please contact Montana Sheikh, Membership Engagement Officer.

Montana can be contacted at 020 8735 1209. Alternatively, please email the Membership Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for support. This email account is monitored by both Montana and Stephen Rainbird, Membership Manager.

Key benefits of BAcC membership

number 1 benefit

Mark of professionalism

We are the only acupuncture organisation accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. We cultivate high standards through our entry requirements and support for top-quality training. Our codes of professional behaviour ensure effective safe practice. We promote your professional development with our CPD programme, mentoring register and funding for research. Our members are widely approved by Private Health Insurers.

number 2 benefit

Support in your practice

2020 has been a particularly difficult year and we have made supporting you through the pandemic our priority. This has involved the creation of comprehensive Covid-19 secure guidelines, covering all aspects of practising safely during the pandemic, keeping you updated on latest government lockdowns and guidelines, and lobbying local authorities on your behalf. We also have a Covid-19 working group that was formed to respond as quickly as possible to changes in legislation and we continue to defend your right to work whenever it has been safe and acceptable to do so.

As always, our gold standard insurance gives cover for many additional therapies and provides a 24-hour legal helpline. We have in-house experts to advise on all aspects of professional standards including safe practice. Our confidential practitioner support helpline is there for any member in time of need.

number 3 benefit

News and benefits

Our regular enews bulletins keep you briefed, especially on research and funding. To promote your practice we give you leaflets, your BAcC logo, online resources and exhibition materials. You can read and contribute to our member magazine Acu. and the European Journal of Oriental Medicine. You get exclusive offers on events and with suppliers.

number 4 benefit

Strength in numbers

Ours is the voice of acupuncture in the UK. We negotiate with regulatory bodies, initiate campaigns and publicise research. We work with other acupuncture organisations and healthcare charities. We talk to government and champion individual projects. Our public website is a leading source of acupuncture information including support on how to find a BAcC practitioner.

number 5 benefit

Community of traditional acupuncturists

You can meet other practitioners through local regional groups and workshops or get together for promotional events and mutual support. Our website forum and social media let you tap into a wide network of online colleagues. You can sign up for regular events free of charge and enjoy the collective buzz of annual gatherings like the BAcC conference and research symposium.

Full list of member benefits

  • MBAcC designation and membership certificate
  • Recognition and promotion via the BAcC Register of Members, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority
  • Ongoing support through the challenges faced in the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Regular e-newsletters
  • Acu. magazine and the European Journal of Medicine
  • Regular webinars on key themes
  • Marketing support
  • Lobbying
  • Regional group membership and support network
  • Members-only discussion forum
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) support
  • Gold standard professional insurance malpractice and liability cover
  • Confidential safe practice officer support
  • Confidential in-house solicitor support and 24-hour legal helpline

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