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Report of Professional Conduct and Competence Panel findings and orders

The BAcC aims to publish within seven days of a decision the names of those members in respect of whom it has investigated allegations and found the allegations to be well founded. It will also publish alongside the finding the section of either the Code of Professional Conduct or Code of Safe Practice of which they were found to be in breach, and the steps (if any) taken by the Panel in respect of the member so named.


Orders imposed by the Panel have been made to:

  • Fulfil the BAcC's role to protect members of the public
  • Maintain public confidence in the profession of acupuncture
  • Uphold the standards and conduct expected of Members


What the orders mean

  1. Caution - the member's conduct or behaviour has fallen below the standard expected of a BAcC member but there has been no need to take action to remove or restrict his/her right to practise.
  2. Conditions of Practice - conditions have been imposed on the member's practice to enable him/her to take steps to remedy any deficiencies in their practice. Restrictions may be placed on the types of work that they may undertake. Conditions of practice judgements are sometimes imposed where there is evidence of incompetence or significant shortcomings in a member's practice, but where the Panel is satisfied that there is potential for the member to respond positively to re-training and supervision.
  3. Suspension - the Panel has ordered that that the member may not practise as a member of the BAcC for a for a specified period of time. During the time that that the member is suspended he/she forgoes all rights and privileges of BAcC membership.
  4. Removal - this is the most severe sanction. The individual is no longer a member of the BAcC.



Suspension orders

This section contains details of acupuncturists whose registration has been suspended pending the investigation or the final determination of a complaint. Any practitioner who is subject to a Suspension Order cannot call themselves a BAcC member during the period of suspension.

Acupuncturists Name Registration Number Term of Suspension Date Order Made

Professional Conduct and Competence Panel decisions

This section contains details of acupuncturists, including those who have subsequently resigned, who have recently been the subject of a decision by the Professional Conduct and Competence Panel and the sanction imposed, together with the paragraph/s of the Code of Professional Conduct (CP) and/ or sections of the Code of Safe Practice (CSP) breached. . The Panel has the power to deliver a caution (A), impose conditions of practice (CP), suspend the acupuncturist's registration for a set period (S), impose a costs order (C) or permanently remove the acupuncturist's name from the Register (T).

Acupuncturists Name Registration Number Date  Order/s Paragraphs/Sections of Codes breached

Interim Orders

Acupuncturists Name Date  Order/s Terms of the order