British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2021

BAcC Conference

The British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine took place on 18 and 19 September 2021. Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and all attendees for making the event a great success. 

The theme focused on Celebrating our profession as the programme looked at celebrating the past, the present and the future of acupuncture. We also celebrated the breadth and depth of acupuncture with interesting and insightful panel discussions, plenaries and breakout sessions. We truly celebrated the profession with speakers representing many styles of acupuncture, as well as speakers from ATCM, RCHM, BMAS, ETCMA, BAAB and all accredited colleges. 

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September 2022

We’re working on confirming details for next year’s event, including location, dates and theme. We will announce details as soon we have them.

If you have any suggested topics or speakers for 2022, or would like to express your interest in attending, please contact Helen Gibb on

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  1. Saturday 18 September

    8.30am - 9.00am: Celebrating movement - Qigong (optional session)

    Start your morning with a calm and meditative qigong session (this session will not be recorded)

      • Sen Liew

    9.00am - 9.10am: Welcome

    Introduction to day one

    9.10am - 9.30am: Celebrating acupuncture across the world

    An introduction to the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA), its aims and objectives for acupuncture education, research and wider.

      • Ricardo Teixeira

    9.30am - 10.30am: Celebrating tradition and diversity

    Our experts will provide a five minute introduction and history on their style of acupuncture before discussing the importance of diversity in the profession, followed by a Q&A session

      • Sarah Attwell - Chair
      • Stephen Birch - Japanese Meridian Therapy
      • Conny Copper - Yin Style Ba Gua
      • Roisin Golding - Stems and Branches
      • Felicity Moir - TCM
      • Julie Reynolds - Five elements                                 

    10.30am - 10.40am: Su Wen Herbs presentation 

    10.40am - 11.05am: Break and meet with exhibitors

    Visit our sponsors who will be providing some presentations and answering your questions in their breakout rooms

    11.05am - 12.05pm: Celebrating research

    Like it or not the development of acupuncture will be affected by research. The evidence base for acupuncture is more positive than many realise. We can all play a part, great or small, in getting the message out. This session celebrates some of the work that has been done with the hope of inspiring future projects

    • Introduction
      • Ian Appleyard
    • Breakout one – ACU-Track: Collecting Evidence in Real World Acupuncture Practice
      • Spod Dutton, ACU-Track Data Specialist
      • Nick Lowe, ACU-Track Lead Researcher 
    • Breakout two - Anxiety Feasibility Study and compared acupuncture with CBT treatment of GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
      • Cinzia Scorzon

    12.05pm - 1.05pm: Choose your breakout session

    Developing your business mindset

    Join this session to learn how to attract the right patients for you to build a sustainable, rewarding practice. We’ll look at your business mindset around finances and charging appropriately for the value that you offer and how to demonstrate this through a professional website and social media in a way that feels friendly and effortless

      • Stacey Chapman
      • Ian Stones


    The tradition of acupuncture contained the master-pupil relationship: learning through discussion and example. Often one of the best ways to improve your understanding is to try and explain something to somebody else. Mentoring-Supervision it's not necessarily the same as master pupil; however, it does offer benefits to both parties and reflects the traditional way of learning. This session celebrates what has been done and points the way to how to get involved

      • Joseph Ogbonna
      • Cathy Chapman
      • Susannah Bentley

    1.05pm - 1.50pm: Do more with less – use your intuition

    We all have the faculty of intuition but how can you use it to improve your diagnoses and treatments? And how do you call upon it when you need some help in the treatment room? This talk will answer both questions and enhance your intuitive skills

      • John Hamwee

    1.50pm - 2.00pm: Closing remarks

    2.00pm onwards: Meet with exhibitors

    If you don't find time to visit our sponsors during the event, they'll in their breakout rooms providing more presentations and answering more of your questions

  2. Sunday 19 September

    8.30am - 9.00am: Celebrating movement – self-tuina (optional session)

    Start your morning with a tutorial on self-tuina

      • Alexander Evans

    9.00am - 9.10am: Welcome

    Introduction to day two

    9.10am - 10.10am: Celebrating our education

    Establishing and maintaining agreed educational standards is one of a major achievement by the BAcC and the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. As a way of celebrating these breakout sessions allow students from various colleges to present case studies. This gives the opportunity for those practice to see Chinese medicine through the eyes of those who have recently joined the profession

      • Introduction - Janice Booth from BAAB

      • Breakout 1 - Josh Barrow: Lessons from a first year student (ICOM) and Chloe Chattington: Clearing a misted mind and supporting the Heart  (CICM)

      • Breakout 2 - Kate Ritchie: Reflections...on labels, supervision and boundaries (NCA) and Sarah Christian: Exploring the Use of Five Element Acupuncture in the Treatment of Chronic Gout (TAA)

      • Breakout 3 - Richard Bills: An alternative direction (Lincoln) and Andrea Dewhurst: Amenorrhea: when acupuncture wasn’t enough (CCA)

    10.15am - 10.55am: Acupuncture – a biomedical perspective

    This presentation will give an overview of the broad mechanisms underlying the effects of acupuncture seen in clinical practice with some tips for maximising these effects and avoiding nocebo. In recent years there has been an increasing focus on anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture, and particularly electroacupuncture at ST36. These will be discussed along with some clinic experiences of the BMAS London Teaching clinic

      • Mike Cummings                                       

    10.55am - 11.25am: Break and meet with exhibitors

    Visit our sponsors in their breakout rooms who will be providing some presentations and answering your questions

    11.25am - 12.05pm: Celebrating different clinical settings

    Delegates will be randomly placed into breakout rooms, this session will not be recorded

    There are now a multitude of settings in which acupuncture is being practised: Multi beds/ one to one/ home visits/ in GP practices/ charity projects/ hospices. In these breakout sessions members will be able to share experiences about the challenges and benefits of the settings in which they practice. This will give others the chance to consider whether getting involved in a new practice location is for them. It will also give the opportunity to find out how to go about establishing or getting involved in a project

    12.05pm - 12.50pm: Celebrating integration: acupuncture/CM and IVF

    This session celebrates how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can integrate with biomedical healthcare. The flexibility of acupuncture as an ancient therapy able to adapt to specifically modern problems is something that should be celebrated. One of the clearest examples of this integration is with IVF treatments. This talk will introduce commonly used IVF protocols and drugs. Chinese medicine treatment strategies according to IVF protocols and regime will be discussed. These include: acupuncture preparation before IVF; during IVF and after Embryos Transfer; during early pregnancy. Case studies will be used to illustrate the integration of acupuncture/Chinese medicine with IVF. There will also be a brief overview of the research conducted in this area.

      • Liqin Zhao

    12.50pm - 1.50pm: Long Covid: your questions discussed

    Many of us will already be seeing cases of long Covid presenting in our clinics. All of those attending the conference will be invited to ask a question related to long Covid or raise an issue for discussion. These will be discussed by the panel

      • Ian Appleyard - Chair
      • Michelle Aris - Traditional and classical acupuncture
      • Tim Davis - TCM & Jing Fang
      • Alex Jacobs - Diet/nutrition
      • Michelle Venter - Five elements
      • Merlin Young - Moxa 

    1.50pm - 2.00pm: Closing remarks

    2.00pm onwards: Meet with exhibitors

    If you don't find time to visit our sponsors during the event, they'll in their breakout rooms providing more presentations and answering more of your questions

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