BAcC Mentoring-Supervision register

Welcome to our Mentoring-Supervision register. Mentoring-Supervision

Mentoring focuses on the acupuncturist as a person and their practice and Supervision focuses on clinical practice and the patient. Sessions are a safe space to talk confidently through your worries or problems your facing, be it a difficult patient or finding new avenues to promote your clinic. Mentors-Supervisors can help provide a new perspective, often from their own experiences, to help you overcome challenges and grow in confidence in your decision making.

The BAcC register is made up of BAcC members, who have received over 60 hours of training to be a Mentor-Supervisor and have been vetted though our application process. 

All sessions are booked directly with the Mentor-Supervisor, so see below for their location, contact details and a short biography. If you can’t find someone located in your area, also read their profiles for details of phone and online session options.

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■ = can travel to other regions

• = can meet online and/or have telephone sessions

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I specialise in virtual supervision with individuals and groups in addition to offering face-to-face meetings. This may mean we have group members from different regions or countries to share experience and wisdom. Supervision is CPD for you to promote a long, healthy, professional life by transforming challenging situations and thoughts. Working in acupuncture can be an isolating profession where we absorb many difficult stories. Something different happens within us from each treatment, whether we are in practice for 1 or 60 years.

After travelling and living around the world, I started my studies in Chinese Medicine in 2000 when I lived in Japan. My perspective reflects those multi-cultural experiences. I now run a busy family practice from my cabin clinic in Woking, Surrey. My strength as a mentor-supervisor is finding questions resonating with each person to transform the situation. Quiet critical voices from unresolved issues can interfere with business growth, but supervision is talent management enabling you to blossom to new realisations and find creative solutions. My sessions are a space to let esteem and Qi flourish, encouraging reflection, celebration, growth, and wisdom. Book a 15-minute chat with me on Schedule Appointment with Hanami Clinic Appointments (

Email address: 

Phone number: 07799638577

Region Susan is based: Surrey

Susan can also travel to: South East England

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Google Meet and Skype 

I’ve been offering supervision and support to colleagues within the acupuncture field for over 10 years and previously to this is another field of work. My supervision groups are small to ensure everyone has a voice and can be seen and heard. They are a place for reflection, for celebration, for re-grounding and to share experiences and insights with colleagues.

Email address:

Phone number: 07957617279

Region Caitlin is based: West Yorkshire (Leeds)

Preferred online platform: Zoom

For a long time I have appreciated the help and support given to me by acupuncture, physical movement and psychotherapy, and since qualifying as an acupuncturist from CICM in 1999 I’ve added supervision. I believe the synergy of talking and sharing aspects of our work/life in supervision can inform, inspire, refresh and satisfy the professional needs of those present. Supervision is there to help us develop and flourish through the ebb and flow of work and life. In 2014 I completed the one-year Supervision and Mentoring training with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades, and since then I have offered individual and group supervision/mentoring to acupuncturists and complementary therapists.

Email address: 

Phone number: 07968140516

Region Sarah is based: Hertfordshire 

Sarah can also travel to: London

Preferred online platforms: Skype and Zoom

Sally qualified as an acupuncturist and has been in practice since 1984; she was a member of the faculty at CICM from 1993 – 2003. In 1998 she completed her training in Supervision & Mentoring. Having found deep satisfaction and fulfilment in this work she has been running groups and one to one sessions for practitioners ever since. In 2004 she joined Isobel Cosgrove in delivering the Supervision & Mentoring training which she now leads. She has campaigned for and promoted the benefits of Supervision & Mentoring to both practitioners, patients and the profession for 25 years.

Email address:

Phone number: 07896 369885

Region Sally is based: Devon

Sally can also travel to: London and Bristol

Preferred online platforms: Zoom

Having had an earlier career in nursing, I trained in acupuncture at the Northern College of Acupuncture. I have been fortunate to have received supervision ever since I qualified. Supervision has been invaluable in supporting and enriching my self-awareness and my professional development and practice. My own experiences have led me to train in mentoring and supervision. I offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for exploring issues which arise from your practice. Together, we work to empower you to find your own ways of progressing on your journey in professional acupuncture practice.

Email address:

Phone number: 07753266452

Region Judith is based: Cumbria (Yorkshire Dales)

Judith can also travel to: Lancashire, Lake District, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Skype and Teams

My career began as a Western medical doctor specialising in psychiatry. However, when I discovered holistic medicine, I decided to study acupuncture and herbal medicine. I have been practicing and teaching since 2002. The challenges of our profession have led me to engage in regular mentoring/ supervision. Reflecting about my practice has transformed my professional and personal life, and led me to train as a supervisor. I now offer face-to-face and virtual mentoring/ supervision sessions to individuals and groups. I have a special interest in the mind-body connection, and in the use of mindfulness practice to improve insight and well-being.

Email address:

Phone number: 07903824150

Region Shelley is based: North London 

Shelley can also travel to: City of London

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet and WhatsApp

I have been in practice as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist for 22 years and spend most of my time working with tricky multi-faceted Reproductive Immunology issues in women and people over 40 such as recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility and multiple failed ART cycles, and supporting diverse folks in bigger and trans bodies on their reproductive journeys. When I’m not practicing, I spend time Mentoring or facilitating my Business Mastermind groups, and running the Fertility Support Trained Community. You can check out my training on which houses The Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture. I’m interested in Mentoring with colleagues about patient management and business issues, and focus primarily on how to harness the power of brain awareness and retrain negative thought and behaviour patterns to aid the practical steps which create change and growth.

Email address:

Phone number: 0345 310 53 54

Region Naava is based: London

Preferred online platforms: Skype, Zoom, Google + and Teams

Kim has been an acupuncturist & shiatsu practitioner for 30 years experience. She completed her Supervision/Mentoring training in 2008 and has run supervision groups and one to one supervision sessions since. She has regular supervision and continues to undertake further supervision training. She works as a Programme Leader (5 Element skills), clinical supervisor and senior lecturer at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. She is strongly commitment to creating safe, supportive spaces for us to address our professional needs. Issues that can come up range from clinical questions, building/managing a practice to issues such as isolation, managing boundaries or lack of confidence.

Email address:

Phone number: 07947361021

Region Kim is based: Central and West London 

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Skype and FaceTime

Email address:

Phone number: 07456848991

Region Cathy is based: Lancashire, North-West (As a non-driver and a mother, my ability to travel to your location is limited but please always feel free to contact me to discuss options)

Preferred online platforms: If face-to-face sessions are not possible, my preferred medium is over the phone. I do not have a Zoom account but am very willing to work over zoom or Skype and am open to discussing all options to enable you to receive the right support for you.

I trained as an acupuncturist (Leamington 1983-86), group worker (1988), counsellor (1991-99) and, realising how crucial supervision is to effective practice, trained in 2012. Mentoring supervision enables us to hear ourselves as practitioners, frees us from the lone nature of our work, and opens us to receiving the help and support necessary to good practice. There are benefits to individual work as well as and alongside group work where we receive loving support from all group members. The best supervision is shame lifting and confidence building as we face the many layers of emotion invoked by our work.

Email address:

Phone number: 07960040985

Region Debbie is based: Midlands (Leamington Spa)

Preferred online platforms: Best option for you

Sarah has been a practitioner for 36 years, an acupuncturist for the last 22 years. She is a Mentor and Supervisor and the CICM Regional Tutor for West London. She has run a busy private practice in London, co-run a multi-bed clinic, worked for World Medicine, treated in a local homeless project and also worked for Kensington & Chelsea Mental Health treating people affected by Grenfell.
Sarah is passionate about acupuncture and committed to supporting and nourishing practitioners to feel confident and inspired, and for us all to take care of ourselves and be the best we can be.

Email address:

Phone number: 07940585133

Region Sarah is based: West and Central London

Sarah can also travel to: West Sussex and Bristol

Preferred online platforms: Zoom or any other 

I graduated from NCA in 2005 and have been in private practice since, with experience in multi-discipline, multibed and charity settings. Mentoring supervision has supported me greatly as a practitioner which prompted me to train with Isobel Cosgrove on mentoring supervision in 2012 and have been running small groups in the region. I am passionate about education and currently the Clinical Education Lead at NCA.
My style of acupuncture and thinking process is heavily influenced by Master Tung’s style. I have a keen interest in spiritual development and am a practitioner of Yoga and QiGong. Prior to acupuncture, I worked in Investment Banking in London and the Far East for 8 years.

Email address:

Region Joanne is based: Yorkshire

Joanne can also travel to: London

Preferred online platforms: Zoom and Teams

In my mentoring / supervision sessions I like to create a safe and welcoming space in which we can explore and unpack issues you may be experiencing within yourself as a practitioner, or in your clinic with clients. It is a non-judgemental space in which you can grow and relax. I myself have regular supervision / mentoring and I find it immensely rewarding and valuable. It means I have somewhere safe to take difficult situations to. By clearing things within myself, my work is less stressful and after almost 30yrs working as an acupuncturist, I love turning up to clinic and being with my clients.

Email address:

Phone number: 07703561616

Region Amanda is based: East Sussex

Amanda can also travel to: On request

Preferred online platforms: Zoom and Skype

Thanks for taking an interest in mentoring and supervision. I began practising as an acupuncturist twelve years ago. I sought out supervision for myself after realising I don’t operate well as a lone worker. This resulted in me moving on to complete the supervision and mentoring course. I have experience of providing individual supervision as well as working with small groups. Please get in touch for a chat, to see if we both feel working together would be beneficial.

Email address:

Region Catherine is based: East Midlands 

Catherine can also travel to: North Norfolk

Preferred online platforms: Zoom

I have been an acupuncturist since the late 1980’s and have been in mentoring/supervision since the early 1990’s. This support has been such a valuable part of my development as a practitioner as well as allowing me look at my work alongside the wider aspect of my life. I have been in group mentoring/supervision since my training in 2008. I cannot express enough how I value the trusted relationships and fun we have as a group and how taking issues to this non judgemental space has helped me support myself through life as a sole practitioner and business owner.

Email address:

Phone number: 07966885894

Region Susan is based: Northern Ireland

Preferred online platforms: Zoom and Teams

After years of practising both acupuncture and talking therapies, Doug came to the realisation that sometimes there is a real need to discuss psycho/emotional aspects of practice, including self-care, rather than solely concerns pertaining to the theory and art of acupuncture. Doug is an acupuncturist practising in SE London. He is also an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy who, in addition to working 121 with talking therapy clients, provides 121 supervision to other counsellors and psychotherapists. He does this primarily via online platforms. Doug feels that supervision can be helpful on both a one-off and regular basis.

Email address:

Phone number: 07818068262

Region Doug is based: Greater London

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Facetime and Skype

I originally worked in urban ecology and came to study acupuncture through my own transformative experience of treatment. The ancient wisdom of the Five Element Acupuncture system taught at CTA shares many principles of balance and holism with ecology and appeals to my desire to look for the ‘bigger picture’ and the deeper processes and connections which underlie it. Since graduating in 1992 I have studied TCM, Tai Chi/TMW, completed the Supervision Training with Isobel Cosgrove and run a successful Acupuncture Centre for 26 years. I offer supervision to acupuncture practitioners who wish to develop their practice through reflection and discussion in a supportive, non-hierarchical and empowering space.

Email address:

Phone number: 07941413805 

Region Lucy is based: Birmingham and Hereford

Preferred online platforms: Video call by phone

I qualified over 37 year ago as an acupuncturist, and since added Chinese herbs, teaching and coaching to my professional life. I also mentor acupuncturists and herbalists. My busy Bristol practice specialises in women’s health, where I have two associates working alongside me. I currently teach the majority of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine’s Gynaecology, Fertility and Obstetrics post grad course. We all need supervisors and mentors to support us in our practice, no matter how long we have been qualified. As a supervisor/mentor, I love seeing the penny drop, seeing practitioners increase in their confidence, their skills and learning. By encouraging supervisees to learn how to think as a Chinese medicine practitioner, they become more empowered, more confident. My mentoring skills have been supported by numerous coaching courses, professional experience as teacher & clinical supervisor, and peer supervision groups. I like to use a coaching approach, to ask questions enabling the practitioners to arrive at the appropriate answer themselves. This may be in the realm of diagnosis, point or herb selection or patient management. However, I am also happy to supply my expertise in arriving at a robust treatment plan, lifestyle advice and understanding medical tests. I am committed to help grow more confident, competent practitioners. It supports the individual, their clients, and the profession as a whole.

Email address:

Phone number: 0117 3771186

Region Jill is based: Bristol

Preferred online platforms: Zoom or phone

Mina Haeri offers one-to-ones and group supervision to both newly qualified and practitioners with over twenty five years experience.
Mina has herself been in practice for almost thirty years, has worked in a diverse number of treatment settings including, prisons, drug rehab centres, group practice, private practice, etc. She has taught in one of London’s foremost acupuncture colleges and currently teaches supervision on the Supervision and Mentoring course.
If you would like the opportunity to reflect on any aspect of your practice in confidence with a trusted and experienced colleague, do get in touch to see how supervision may be able to serve you and your practice.

Email address:

Phone number: 07957726072

Region Mina is based: London and South West

Mina can also travel to: Travel around UK available by arrangement 

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and other online platforms available 

Having qualified as an acupuncturist from NCA in 1997 I have a successful practice in Leeds, currently working with two Associates. I have experience over many years of supporting new graduates starting out in their acupuncture career. I offer group supervision via The Practitioner Hub attached to NCA, in addition to my own individual and group sessions. A really valuable part of my work is to support other practitioners and see the real benefit that mentoring supervision can offer. I hold my own supervision in high regard, recognising that experienced acupuncturists can also benefit from support and that these needs can change over time.

Email address:

Phone number: 07754198764 / 0113 2501826

Region Caroline is based: West Yorkshire (Leeds)

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Teams or phone

Kate graduated from the University of Westminster in 1998 with a BSc in Acupuncture and has been in private practice ever since. Most of her clinical work has been working from GP surgeries where she has taken a deep interest in integrated medicine. In 2012 she set up and ran with a colleague a multi-bed practice for pregnancy acupuncture in a large hospital in Stevenage. In the last 10 years she has been teaching 5 Elements and seasonal living in conjunction with a senior yoga teacher and more recently lectures at the City College of Acupuncture in Old Street to acupuncture undergraduates. She qualified in Supervision almost 10 years ago and is passionate about supporting colleagues in their therapeutic work and this makes up a large part of her working life.

Email address:

Phone number: 07887 565174

Region Kate is based: Hertfordshire 

Kate can also travel to: London

Preferred online platforms: Zoom

Sarah trained at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and practices an integrated style of acupuncture combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with 5 Element Acupuncture. She also offers a form of Japanese Acupuncture known as Toyohari. Sarah is known for her gentle and calm manner together with her good listening skills.
Sarah believes supervision allows the opportunity to speak the unspeakable and can offer the sense of a supervisor holding your back, walking along beside you and encouraging you to move forwards. Sarah is a member of the charitable organisation World Medicine and in 2010 undertook two trips to the Gaza Strip where she worked with a team of acupuncturists treating the physical and emotional effects of war and trauma. Sarah practices qi gong, loves to paddleboard, enjoys walking in nature and taking photographs.

Email address:

Phone number: 07981141410

Region Sarah is based: Devon

Sarah can also travel to: Cornwall and West Dorset

Preferred online platforms: Skype, Zoom and telephone

Pia trained in mentoring-supervision with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades in 2018. She previously experienced mentoring in one to one as well as group settings and continues to benefit from these settings. Pia trained as acupuncturist and naturopath at the College for Naturopathic Medicine in London and has been in practice since 2007. She previously worked as a Cell Biologist/Biochemist in medical research. Pia presently practises acupuncture and naturopathy at the Abbey Community Centre in Westminster, Central London. She is very happy to accept therapists from different modalities to enter mentoring-supervision with her.

Email address:

Phone number: 07719987933

Region Pia is based: London

Pia can also travel to: Greater London/ South East

Preferred online platforms: Best option for you

I have been in practice as an acupuncturist for over 30 years. After many years of practising as a sole practitioner I finally decided to begin regular supervision.

Reflecting on my practice has transformed my professional and personal life and led me to train as a supervisor with Isobel and Sally. It is an honour and privilege to both give and receive support from fellow colleagues.

I offer supervision and support to other practitioners.

Email address: 

Phone number: 01923240793

Region Mary is based: Hertfordshire

Frankie feels passionately about Supervision and Mentoring to support practitioners to develop and sustain a healthy professional life and so completed a training course in Supervision and Mentoring and now offers both of these to others in the caring field. As a practitioner, as in life, we experience ups and downs. Professionally we often work alone and it can be challenging. Supervision ad Mentoring is a non hierarchical, non judgmental supportive place to help you develop a reflective practice through facilitated one to one or group sessions.

Email address:

Phone number: 07717285248

Region Frankie is based: Cambridge

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, WhatsApp video and FaceTime 

I have been a Complementary Therapist for nearly 30 years, qualified in Holistic Massage, Shiatsu and Acupuncture (CICM). I taught at CICM for 10 years, Practical Skills, Chinese Medicine and Clinical Supervision. I have served on the BACC Investigating Committee and am still on the Professional Conduct Panel. I have published in Acu. I’m interested in supporting newly qualified practitioners and ran a Regional Support Group for students at CICM for 10 years. Special interests are ethics, patient management issues and professional boundaries.

Email address:

Phone number: 07594586821

Region Carole is based: Isle of Wight

Carole can also travel to: Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex

Preferred online platforms: Zoom and Skype

I love being an acupuncturist and strive to be an effective and compassionate practitioner. Being in supervision helps me to achieve that aim and maintain a good work/life balance.
I have been offering supervision/mentoring to others since 2007, after completing a training with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades. The philosophy of my supervisory practice is that it is client-led. I aim to create a confidential space where acupuncturists at all stages of their working lives can discuss and reflect on their practice and be supported in seeking solutions to any issues which arise, as well as recognising their achievements.

Email address:

Phone number: 01865 776759

Region Sue is based: Oxford

I trained and qualified at CTA in 1979, followed by visits to China in 1980 and 2004. I ran a natural health clinic in Yeovil from 1979 – 2020, and I still work from there. Following TCM training with John and Angela Hicks I was involved in the founding of CICM in 1993, teaching and running regional support groups for the students & graduates. This raised my awareness of the need for supervision at whatever stage of our careers, and I trained with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades at Spectrum in 2004. I run several mentoring/supervision groups and also offer 1:1 where needed.

Email address:

Phone number: 07968182455

Region Jane is based: South Somerset

Jane can also travel to: North Dorset/ East Devon/ South Wiltshire

Preferred online platforms: Zoom, Skype and Facetime

Born in Germany 1950. Training as a medical doctor in Munich, registered as non-practicing member of GMC, main activities in Germany were gynaecology and obstetrics, living in London since 1987. Training in Craniosacral Therapy 1995/6 with Franklyn Sills. Training at University of Westminster 1999-2002 in TCM. Training in Supervision/ Mentoring with Isobel Cosgrove 2012 and in ongoing supervision group with Isobel Cosgrove. From 1983 up to 1999 I regularly attended ongoing group work with the Healer Bob Moore in Denmark, which instructs my professional and personal work and work ethics.

Email address:

Phone number: 07791516733 / 02083468565

Region Angelika is based: Hertfordshire (Hertford)

Preferred online platforms: Zoom

I qualified in 1992 and practise TCM Acupuncture and Herbs from Clinics in St Albans and Harpenden Before I was a Radiographer/ Ultrasonagrapher in the NHS. My practise includes all ages from 3 to 92 also currently working with the Jade Screen Project, a not-for-profit venture set up during COVID-19 to provide Chinese herbal medicine for our frontline workers. I bring all my experience and ‘love ‘ of practising as an Acupuncturist / Chinese Herbalist and running a multi discipline clinic to our sessions. My decision to train in and then work as a supervisor/mentor came from the benefits I experienced in my own supervision – the support from my peers and supervisor is invaluable. Being a supervisor is a privilege and my aim in the session is to give you space and truly listen to you. Often once you start talking you process as you go and reach conclusions without being posed lots of questions. Also a space to have support to resolve work/patient issues confidentially. I offer supervision and mentoring to both newly qualified and established health practitioners in individual or group sessions – this is counted as CPD hours.

Email address:

Phone number: 07790363867

Region Helen is based: Hertfordshire

Preferred online platform: Zoom

I have a background in Rehabilitation, Counselling, and Education, a Licentiate in Acupuncture from CTA in 1985: BA.Ac 1989, Co-founding The Birmingham Traditional Acupuncture Centre. My work is informed by various traditions constellating around a Five Element Practice. A passion for wellbeing has lively roots in Zero Balancing, Ayruveda, Meditation and Yoga. Following the Supervision training with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades in 2007 I offer individual Mentoring or Group Supervision by request. Both support you in daily practice, life stage and career path. Please contact me if you would like to talk about any aspect of Supervision.

Email address:

Phone number: 0121 449 9500 / 07790 205797

Region Holly is based: West Midlands (Worcestershire) but can travel to lead a group or give introduction to Mentoring and Supervision

Preferred online platform: Zoom

Clare Venters Smith graduated with a first class degree from the world renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine where she studied both TCM and Five Element styles of acupuncture and where she now teaches. Clare is passionate about using her practitioner, teaching mentoring and supervision skills to support and develop others. Clare treats a broad range of conditions in her busy Berkshire practice and has specialist training in fertility and gynaecology which she also teaches. Clare is also a naturopathic nutritionist and kinesiologist.

Email address:

Phone number: 07889143899

Region Clare is based: Berkshire 

Preferred online platforms: Zoom