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Chronic pain

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published a guideline for chronic pain in April 2021 stating that painkillers should no longer be prescribed for longer-term pain. We were delighted to see that acupuncture was one of only four treatments recommended. This campaign explores the opportunities this has presented to BAcC members.

Long covid

There is growing recognition that many people are now facing the long-term consequences of Covid-19, suffering from similar symptoms often for months after their ‘recovery’. This campaign picks up on how holistic healthcare and acupuncture can help patients overcome the lingering symptoms of Long Covid.


The idea of taking time to rest and nourish the body to improve fertility is quite alien to many in our instant fix society. This campaign encourages you to start talking about how acupuncture can work as part of an integrated approach to conception and beyond.


Let's talk about...Anxiety was our first campaign during the pandemic. An ideal target for the times, for obvious reasons, and one with plenty of scope for promoting the benefits of acupuncture.

Coming soon...

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