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Joseph Ogbonna FRSA

Joseph Ogbonna FRSA

Joseph is an independent coach, trainer and facilitator, and director of Ruuvand Ltd, a learning and development provider to education, private and third-sector organisations. A natural strategic thinker, he has a substantial track record in coaching, advising and training executives, entrepreneurs, and senior managers, consultancy and mentoring.

Joseph understands behaviours, customer service, strategy and scenario planning. As a strategist, he helps business owners, managers and individuals who want to be their best. Joseph has 17 years’ experience as a non-executive director in the not-for-profit sector with active roles. He is proficient with scenarios of the future as a strategic planning tool.

Approaching life with a view of ‘it is possible’, Joseph is a lifelong learner. He holds an MBA (strategy), CUG (coaching), BSc (psychology) and is currently learning to meditate through practice in a group set up with friends. Joseph has a keen interest in wellbeing with long distance running and martial arts.

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