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Susan Evans

Susan Evans

Susan has been a practitioner of traditional acupuncture since 1987, initially studying five element acupuncture then a few years later integrating TCM into her practice. She moved back from England to her native Northern Ireland 15 years ago where she now runs a busy multidisciplinary clinic with 12 therapists. In her clinic she practises a mixture of both five element and TCM acupuncture.

Susan was a CPD facilitator and a professional development lead with the BAcC and really enjoyed working closely with members and their CPD for over 14 years. She now works as a mentor/supervisor, supporting practitioners in their work and regularly attends supervision herself. She has also been a regional group coordinator in Northern Ireland.

In 2007 Susan was the main acupuncture lead in a very successful year-long pilot study initiated by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, integrating complementary therapies into the NHS. Susan is also passionate about meditation and her role as a meditation teacher.

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