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Discussion and questions about boundaries, a time to talk together

This webinar is open to all members and forms part of a six-part webinar series for our Let’s talk about…Boundaries and Consent campaign.

This is the first of a mini series within our Boundaries and Consent campaign called Where we trip up…talking about boundaries. BAcC members Carolyn Eddleston, Rachel Millsted and Susan Woodhead will be leading this discussion.

These three evenings are designed to enable you to develop your awareness and insight into the subject of boundaries, and to give you the chance to reflect and think about your experiences as practitioners. We hope you can attend all sessions in this mini series live. This session will not be recorded to allow for open conversation and discussion, but the two other webinars in this mini series will be recorded and made available on made available on the Let’s talk about…Boundaries and Consent campaigns.

About Carolyn
Carolyn has worked within the NHS as a GP since 1995. She observed that Western medicine excelled in life or death situations. Individuals with more chronic disorders or who failed to fit into a diagnostic box were left dissatisfied and with few treatment options. Traditional Chinese Medicine makes connections between various organ systems within the body in a way which Carolyn observed as a doctor but had no explanation for. Whilst living in New Zealand for 6 years she completed a 3 year, full-time Diploma in Acupuncture. The training transformed not only her own life but the way she understood health and illness.
Her treatment style now focuses on supporting health rather than being centred solely on illness. Carolyn retains a balance between Eastern and Western techniques. Boundaries, both professional and personal have always interested Carolyn, as they both evolve as she does.

About Rachel
Rachel Millsted qualified as acupuncturist in 2007. As well as her general practice, she specialises in mental health, particularly the treatment of trauma. She taught at Northern College of Acupuncture on the Personal and Practitioner development stream for 3 years. Rachel is also a Dance Movement Psychotherapist with an interest in the treatment of trauma through body based/somatic methods. She works for an organisation specialising in trauma responsive crisis and disaster mental health.

About Susan
Susan Woodhead  graduated in 1984 from CTA Leamington Spa, since then she has been in full time practice. She has also trained in counselling, supervision, been a Samaritan, a voluntary conciliator for a health authority and lectured for the BAcC and at a university medical school. For her the most important thing in her professional life is that she’s a practitioner and life long learner.

Access details
Meeting ID: 848 7073 6225
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Other sessions within the mini series:
20 June, 7.30pm – 8.30pm: Exploring your own boundaries: an experiential session using embodied practices to explore your own boundaries with Rachel Millsted (recorded session)
4 July, 7.30pm – 8.30pm:
 Taking the journey: exploring the real issues around boundaries with Carolyn Eddleston and Susan Woodhead (recorded session)
If you have any queries, please email Helen Gibb on event@acupuncture.org.uk



Mon 11 July - Mon 11 July 2022
7.30pm - 8.30pm
Private: test

Discussion and questions about boundaries, a time to talk together

Mon 11 July - Mon 11 July 2022 
7.30pm - 8.30pm